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Donor Blog

Written by our donor, who shares her experience and lessons on her previous donation cycles and helps enlist and encourage many of our donor candidates.

Infertility Organizations & Support Groups

American Society for Reproductive Medicine

A voluntary, non-profit organization devoted to advancing knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine, including infertility, menopause, contraception, and sexuality.

Internet Health Resources

A hub for infertility education, services, and products.

Resolve: The National Infertility Association

The Nation's foremost voluntary health association concerned with infertility.

The American Fertility Association

A leader in providing men and women, health care professionals, public officials and the media, both nationally and internationally, with information about infertility treatments, reproductive and sexual health and family building options including adoption and third-party solutions.

Donor Information from New York State Department of Heath

List of Fertility Clinics (Clinics that AED has worked with)

  1. Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health(Scottsdale)
  2. Reproductive Health Center(Tucson)
  3. Troche Fertility Center
  1. Advanced Fertility Associates Medical Group (Santa Rosa)
  2. Advanced Reproductive Care (Saratoga)
  3. Acacio Fertility Center
  4. Bay IVF Center (Palo Alto)
  5. California Fertility Partners (LA)
  6. Center for Fertility and Gynecology (CFG) (Tarzana)
  7. CHA Fertility Center in Los Angeles
  8. Coastal Fertility Medical Center (Irvine)
  9. Dr. Aimee D. Eyvazzadeh (San Ramon)
  10. Fertility Physician of Northern California (PFNC) (San Jose)
  11. Fertility and Surgical Associates of California (FSAC) (Thousand Oaks)
  12. Fertility Specialists Medical Group (San Diego)
  13. Hope IVF & Fertility (Irvine)
  14. La Jolla IVF (La Jolla)
  15. RSC of the SF Bay Area (San Ramon)
  16. HRC Pasadena(Pasadena)
  17. HRC Encino (Encino)
  18. HRC Newport Beach (Newport Beach)
  19. Huntington Reproductive Center (Westlake Village)
  20. Life IVF Center (Irvine)
  21. Marine Fertility Center (Greenbrae)
  22. Newport Fertility Center (Newport Beach)
  23. Nova IVF (Mountain View)
  24. Pacific Fertility Center(San Francisco)
  25. Palo Alto Medical Foundation (San Jose)
  26. Reproductive Partners Medical Group, Inc. (LA,Redondo Beach, Westminster)
  27. Reproductive Partners-UCSD (La Jolla)
  28. Reproductive Fertility Center (Irvine)
  29. Reproductive Sciences Medical Center (San Diego)
  30. Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area (San Ramon)
  31. San Diego Fertility Center (San Diego)
  32. Southern California Reproductive Center (Beverly Hills, Burbank, Lancaster, Bakersfield, Glendale, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Ventura, Valencia)
  33. Stanford Medicine Fertility & Reproductive Health(Palo Alto)
  34. The Kaiser Permanente Center for Reproductive Health(Fremont)
  35. UCSF Center for Reproductive Health (San Francisco)
  36. Valley Center for Reproductive Health
  37. West Coast Fertility Centers, Inc. (Fountain Valley)
  38. Zouves Fertility Center (Foster City)
  1. Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM) (Denver metro)
  2. Conceptions Reproductive Associates (Denver metro, Littleton)
  1. Yale Fertility Center (New Haven, Westport)
  2. New England Fertility Institute (Stamford)
  3. RMA of Connecticut (Stamford, Danbury, Norwalk)
  4. CT Fertility
  1. IVF Florida Reproductive Associates (Miami, Jupiter, Pembroke Pines, Margate)
  2. Fertility & IVF Center of Miami (Miami)
  3. S. Florida Institute for Reproductive Med (Miami)
  4. Palm Beach Fertility Center (Boca Raton)
  5. USF IVF & Reproductive Endocrinology (Tampa)
  1. Reproductive Biology Associates (Atlanta)
  2. Georgia Reproductive Specialists (Atlanta, Alpharetta)
  1. Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute (Honolulu)
  2. Fertility Institute of Hawaii (Honolulu)
  1. Fertility Center of Illinois (FCI)(Chicago,Highland Park)
  2. Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago(Gurnee)
  3. IVF1(Chicago, Naperville, Plainfield)
  4. InVia Fertility(Chicago)
  1. Midwest Fertility Specialists
  1. Mid Iowa Fertility(Mid Iowa)
Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC
  1. Genetics & IVF Institute (Fairfax, Bethesda)
  2. Shady Grove Fertility Reproductive Science Center (Rockville, Annapolis, Fair Oaks, Washington DC)
  3. Virgina IVF & Andrology Center (Richmond VA)
  4. George Washington University Fertility Center (Washington, D.C.)
  5. Columbia Fertility Center (Washington DC)
  6. Dominion Fertility Center (Arlington, Bethesda)
  1. Boston IVF (Waltham, Brookline)
  2. Fertility Centers of New England (Reading)
  3. Brigham & Women's Hospital Fertility Center (Boston)
  4. Cardone Reproductive Medicine & Infertility (Stoneham)
  5. Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center
  1. IVF Michigan(Ann Arbor)
  1. Infertility Center of St. Louis
  1. Sher Insitute for Reproductive Medicine(Las Vegas)
  2. Red Rock Fertility Center(Las Vegas)
New Jersey
  1. RMA of New Jersey ( Morristown)
  2. Cooper Institute for Reproductive Hormonal Disorders (Marlton)
  3. Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of Saint Barnabas (Livingston)
  4. Center For Advanced Reproductive Medicine (Edison)
  5. Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey (Eatontown)
  6. Delaware Valley OB/GYN and Infertility Group (Lawrenceville)
  7. Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility & Genetics (Lawrenceville, Marlton)
  8. The Valley Hospital Fertility Center (Ridgewood, Paramus)
New York
  1. RMA of New York (Manhattan)
  2. The Center for Reproductive Care at Columbia University (CWRC) (Manhattan & Westchester)
  3. Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (CRMI) (Manhattan)
  4. NYU Fertility Center (Manhattan)
  5. NYC IVF (Manhattan)
  6. New Hope Fertility Center (Manhattan)
  7. New York Fertility Center (Manhattan)
  8. Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) (Manhattan)
  9. Batzofin Fertility Services (Manhattan)
  10. Center for Human Reproduction, North Shore University Hospital (Manhasset)
  11. Reproductive Specialists of New York (Mineola, Stony Brook, Brooklyn)
  12. NYC IVF
  13. Genesis Fertility & Reproductive Medicine (Brooklyn)
  1. Bethesda Center for Reproductive Health and Fertility (Cincinnati)
  2. Center for Reproductive Health ,the University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati)
  1. Oregon Reproductive Medicine (Portland)
  2. Northwest Fertility Center (Portland)
  1. Abington Reproductive Medicine (Abington)
  2. Cooper Institute for Reproductive Hormonal Disorders (Melrose Park)
  3. Mainline Fertility Center (Bryn Mawr, Paoli, West Chester)
  4. RMA Philadepia (Philadelphia, Allentown, Willow Grove)
  5. Penn Fertility Center (Philadelphia)
  1. Advanced Reproductive Care Center(Irving)
  2. Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine (Dallas)
  3. Dallas Fertility Associates (Dallas)
  4. Dallas IVF (Dallas)
  5. Houston IVF (Houston)
  6. Fertility Specialists of Houston (Houston)
  7. Houston Fertility Institute (Houston)
  8. Fertility Specialists of Texas (Frisco, Dallas)
  9. IVFMD
  1. Poma Fertility (Kirkland)
  1. Wisconsin Fertility Institute (Middleton)
  1. Create IVF Program (Downtown Toronto)
  2. The Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine (DowntownToronto)
  3. New Life Fertility Centre (Richmond Hill, Mississauga)