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Many women who are eager to procreate their children have found it difficult or impossible to conceive with their own eggs, owing to a wide variety of reasons. Applying the recently well-developed technology of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), a woman (Recipient) may become viable to procreate her own babies by means of donated eggs from another woman (Donor). Asian Egg Donation, LLC (AED) is a nationwide Egg Donor Agency, offering the unique matching services for prospective Asian parents (Recipients) to select their preferred Asian Egg Donors and fulfill their dreams of having their own children and families. AED works with all fertility clinics and recipients located anywhere through out the United States.

AED recognizes the fact that every recipient couple has been struggling along a lengthy journey before lastly reaching their decision of utilizing Egg Donor IVF. AED makes every effort possible to thoroughly educate all our donor applicants with respect to the egg donation process, as well as the related risks. For every perspective Donor, a detailed personal interview(s) or a telephone consultation(s) must have been performed before she ever made the decision of becoming an Egg Donor.

Matching Process

  • First, a Prospective Recipient is required to submit a Recipient Registration, either online or by mailing a hardcopy, to obtain a username and password for our Donor Database.
  • Upon receiving email confirmation of Recipient Registration from AED, the Recipient will be contacted by a Case Manager for a telephone consultation. Afterwards, the Recipient will become eligible to review our donor database by logging into our website. Prospective Recipient may further ask additional questions to AED regarding a specific Donor, if the information of the specific Donor has not been particularly addressed in the Donor's profile.
  • Once potential interests with an individual Donor have arisen, the Prospective Recipient shall notify the Case Manager at AED. The Donor will be contacted by AED staff for a discussion and confirmation of availability. The Recipient will then be asked to write an introduction letter addressed to the specific Donor. The sole purpose of the Instruction Letter is to help the Donor to gain a sense of whom she will be donating to and what IVF clinic she will be working with. The Introduction Letter of the Recipient may disclose personal information regarding her life and her family, but omitting her confidential identity.
  • Under AED coordination, travel arrangements and possible cycle scheduling will be discussed and verified in details between Recipient and Donor. Normally, multi-rounds of consultations and clarifications are being performed, so that the Donor is ensured, i) to thoroughly understand the specific cycling process and, ii) to fully commit to and follow through the entire process once the matching is made.
  • Recipient proceeds to reserve the selected Donor by: i) signing AED Agency Agreement, and ii) submitting a non-refundable agency fee.
  • AED will contact the Recipient's fertility clinic and make all arrangements with the clinic for Donor's medical and psychological screening. AED will also coordinate with the fertility clinic and make all the needed travel and financial arrangements for Donor screening, local monitoring, and final egg retrieval.


Out-of-State Donor Cycle

AED works with Recipient Couples and Fertility Clinics anywhere in the United States. We accommodate both local and Non-local egg donation cycles. A non-local cycle refers to the case when the Donor resides in a location outside the area where the Recipients' fertility clinic is located, and it thus obligates the Donor to travel to perform the egg donation cycle. Most clinics demand the donor to come twice to accomplish the donation cycle. On the first trip, the Donor will be asked to stay over one night at a hotel in the vicinity of the Recipient's Clinic in order to complete all the necessary medical and psychological screenings. Occasionally, some clinics may permit the Donor to undertake the screenings at another Clinic that is in the vicinity of the Donor's residence. The second trip of the Donor shall commence approximately one week prior to the anticipated date of the final egg retrieval procedure. During the second trip, the Donor is expected to travel to the Recipient's Clinic and lodge at a nearby hotel for approximately five-to-nine nights. AED will coordinate the Donor's travel arrangements needed for non-local cycle.


Estimated Fee Schedule

Once the matching process is complete, Donor will be scheduled to have screening appointment in a recipient fertility clinic or a local clinic convenient to the Donor. The Recipient's fertility clinic/physician will determine exactly what type of screening the Donor must undergo. Screening process is mostly done during one office visit, and this visit may require a few hours presence in the clinic. The Donor screening may include the following:

  • $6,000 AED Agency Service Fee . (Effective 10/1/2017)
  • $7,000-$10,000 Egg Donor Compensation (Depends on Donor's request). Experienced donors with proven records may request higher compensation.
  • $386 Donor Accident/Medical Insurance (Covers 100% on any accidents and complications for Donor up to $250,000, during Donor cycle process and up to three months after date of retrieval.)
  • $300-$500 Donor Psychological Screening (if applicable).
  • $700-$1,000 Recipient's Attorney Fee (For drafting and reviewing Donor-Recipient Agreement; to be paid directly to the Attorney).
  • $300-$500 Donor's Attorney Fee (For reviewing and signing Donor-Recipient Agreement with Donor).
  • Local Screening/Monitoring Fee (Variable; to be paid to Donor's Local Clinic.)

Note: This fee schedule applies only when the Recipient's IVF Clinic is unable to perform the required screening tests and cycle monitoring for the Donor, i.e., ultrasound and blood hormone tests. All tests shall be conducted in accordance with the instructions of Recipient's IVF Clinic Doctor. The actual costs will be charged in terms of service fees by the Donor's local IVF center, i.e., an IVF center near Donor's residence.


Travel cost for non-local Donor Cycles

(Variable, depending on travel distance/location of your clinic)

  • Mileage & Gas: Paid at the IRS rate of 55 cents/mile to Donors who drive over 50 miles one way to attend IVF clinic appointments.
  • Airfare or train fare for both Donor and companion: Variable.
  • Hotel room: Variable.
  • Rental Car Taxis/Shuttles: Variable.
  • Meal Expenses: $50/day fixed and non-accountable allowance.


  • Costs for IVF clinic and medication are not included in the fee schedule above. For an estimation of such costs, please consult with your clinic/physician.
  • The above fee schedule is based on projection and estimation only. The actual expenses for each specific egg donor cycle may differ from the fees listed above. Fees are subject to change without notice.